Thursday, January 5, 2012

Resolutions/goals for 2012 {Blog}

Earlier today I shared what I wanted to accomplish this year with my {Personal} resolutions.  Well, now I want to tell you what I would like with my {Blog} resolutions!  With my blog not even being a year old yet, I do kinda feel silly for making resolutions...lets call them goals! :)

1.  I would LOVE to have a giveaway to offer my readers once a month!  I LOVE giveaways.  I love winning....who doesn't??  BUT, I also LOVE being the one to tell some they have WON.  To know that they are getting that super excited feeling that I get....I LOVE IT!
(If you would like to sponsor a giveaway on Christy's Cuties, please shoot me and email.)

2.  I want to have 500 followers by 2013.  That is totally doable, right?  Now I just have to figure out good content to keep people around.  HA!

3.  I want to be featured on some of the HUGE blogs!  You know Make it and Love it, TT&J, Sugar Bee Crafts, UCreate....and there are SO MANY more.  Not that any other features are not good....I LOVE being featured anywhere.  It makes me feel as though I actually am somewhat crafty with a small since of style and original.  HA!

4.  I would love to be so organized with my blog, that I have to write down posts and ideas on a calendar of when they will post and what not.  Right now I am lucky to have them scheduled three days out.  ;)  Do you schedule posts in advance?

5.  I want to make a quilt!  I know I haven't even been sewing for a year yet.  But, I love all of the fabulous quilts around the net.  What better way to reach more readers, than by starting to quilt as well.

6.  Learn how to Crochet!
Crafty Minx did a whole "school".  I can't wait to get the supplies to start!

OK, so maybe the last two should have been on my {Personal} list! BUT, everything that I know how to do does go on my blog, which helps the blog, right? ;)

What about you?  Did you set goals for your blog this year?

PS.  I have a giveaway coming VERY SOON!!  


  1. I want to learn to crochet too!!!

  2. I definitely think you can do it! You definitely have the drive and talent!


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