Friday, July 29, 2011

Ladybird Ln.

Guess where I'm at today?? Being featured over at Ladybird Ln. Yippee!! Hop on over if you have a moment and say hi! She's a doll!  She's the one behind all of this Crafting for a Cause stuff you see going on.  Fabulous!

Have A Wonderful Day!

Fruit Pizza

Wowzer! This makes me hungry by just typing it up! We love us some fruit pizza.  And there are so many ways you can make it.  This picture is of how my cousin, Chasity, makes hers.  She used cookie dough for the bottom.  Bake the Cookie.  Then mix together cream cheese and whipped cream.  Spread on top of the cookie.  Next, add whatever kind of fruit you would like.  On this one we only used blueberries and Strawberries.  But, you an also put kiwi, grapes, raspberries, or more.  Also, most of the time I use brownies for the bottom, instead of cookie.  They are both delicious, though!

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blog love

Hi friends! I woke up this morning as a normal Thursday.  I woke up kinda late so when the kids woke they were already screaming for food. Blah. Then, I thought, great, I also have Zumba today! LOL I love zumba!  Really.  But, some days I just hate leaving the house to work out. I know I've got to be the only one that feels this way about exercise, right? ;)  Anywho, so when I got the chance to log on the computer this morning it totally changed my day around. 
I found out that I was featured for my Porchalicious porch over on Ginger Snap Crafts!  Woot Woot!  THEN,  Crayon Freckles passed another award onto me. :)  YAY!  I seriously love blogging.  And to see that some people really do care about what I do, is just amazing to me!  I did not even expect for my blog to get out to more than just my family.  To have almost 50 followers......WOW!  I *heart* each and every one of you, too!  You have no idea of the fuzzy feeling I get when I see a sweet comment, or a new follower....Ok, if your a blogger then you probably do!   But still! 

Ok, sorry I'm rambling.

Here are the rules for the award:

1. Copy the award image into a post.
2. List 10 things that make you happy.
3. Tag 10 bloggers who brighten your day.
4. Put in a link to their blogs.
5. Notify the award receivers.
6. Recipients should link back to the sender’s blog.
7. 10 things that make me happy.

Things that make me happy! (in no particular order)
1. Staying home with my kiddos.
2. Living in the "country"....ok, outside of city limits at least.
3. Crafting
4. Seeing pictures of my cutie pie niece that we don't get to live close too.
5. Ice cream
6. Finding hidden money in my old purses.
7. Calm- Rainy days
8. Hearing I love you, mom.
9. Friday night movies and pizza with my family.
10. Blogging, of course!

The 10 Blogs I love are....(in no particular order)
1. Artzy Fartzy Momma
2. Freckles and Fun
3.Homemaker in Heels
4.Ladybird Ln.
5. A Glimpse Inside
6. Fingerprints on the Fridge
7. Thrifty and Fabuless
8. Heart Break Kids
9. Ladybug Blessings
10. Thrift Store Rock Star

Of course, there are MANY more...but most of the other ones I love are HUGE and probably would laugh if little ole me passed along an award. HA!

There ya go!  Thanks so much again, Andie Jaye!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lovin It

I have a baby sower coming up soon at church. This lovely lady will be having a boy. Doesn't it seem that cute boy items are so hard to come by?? There are adorable things for girls everywhere....but boys, not so much. So, I turned to pinterest yet again and here are some ideas I will be trying to decide between. :)Pee Pee Tee Pee!  I think this is hilarious!!!
Source: via Jana on Pinterest

I love that this does the job, but would be so much more simple to make than the regular flap ones.
Source: via Lori on Pinterest

I absolutely adore this sign! Who wouldn't love this??
Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

And this is a HAVE to make! It will be included in whatever I decide to do. ;)

Have A Wonderful Day!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hoooo Are You??

Hello All! Its Tuesday, which means it's time for another Hoo are you? :)
1. Have you ever attended a professional sports game?
Yes, this year the kids and I attended our first baseball game! Minor leagues count, right? lol

2. Have you ever been to a concert and if so which one was your
ultimate favorite performance?
NKOTBSB!(New Kids on the Block, and Back Street Boys) This year! I have been to a few concerts, but this one is by FAR the best I have ever been too.

3. Have you ever been to Disneyland or Disney World?
Nope, but we hope to take the kids within the next few years.

4. What is your favorite theme park?
I do not really have a favorite. I'm not much for rides...except the scrambler. LOL

5. Do you have a favorite vacation spot?
Not really. A few years ago the hubby and I went to Niagra Falls and it was AMAZING! But, other than that, we haven't been anywhere. So...I don't really have much to choose from. ;)

There are my answers....what are yours??

Hope on over and join the party!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Monster Pants

Do all boys tear holes in their knees of every pair of jeans they own?  Or is it just my boys??  PLEASE tell me it's every boy. HA!  The following pictures are of my youngest son, Kaleb's, jeans.  In an effort to keep clothes costs down, and re-use things, I decided to give these jeans a "makeover".

I found this on Pinterest a few weeks ago....
How adorable, but tough, right?

So, here are his jeans.

I didn't take pictures of the steps I did.  Sorry.   But I will try and explain it clearly.  First, I cut out some "teeth and eyes" from felt.  I then found some scrap fabric from an earlier project.  I sewed the teeth on top of the scrap fabric.  Then, I sewed the scrap fabric on the edges of the hole, inside of the jeans (so you can't see the mess).  I used floss for this.  I then sewed the eyes on with floss as well.

Here is a close up.  Best part about it?  Kaleb loves it!  And he is my VERY picky child when it comes to clothing.  So, Score!

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I've been featured: 

Thrifty and Fabuless

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Savings Saturday

I skipped last weeks Savings Saturday...OOPS. Sorry. I completely forgot about it.

One way I try to save my family money is by making "treats" that my kiddos would normally get at Sonic or DQ. Everyone knows kids love to go get special "treats"....especially in the summer.

Why go to Sonic and pay $4 for a treat you can make at home? So, my boys LOVE Cherry Limeade Chiller's from Sonic. They ask for them all of the time. In an effort to save some money, I got into my kitchen the other day and did some experimenting. :)

Here's what I used:
Ice cream
Cherry Limeade
Whipped Cream

I just added all of this into the blender, minus the cherries.  I'm sorry I don't have exact measurements. :(  I rarely ever measure stuff.  HA!  I just called the boys in and added more of what they said it needed until they were happy.

And let me tell was DELICIOUS!  I'm so glad I decided to experiment and make our own at home.  This will save me a LOT of money!

What have you saved on recently??  I would love to hear.

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Have A Wonderful Day!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Whose been given an award?? I HAVE!

I am too excited! Ya see, I have made a fantastic bloggy buddy in Crayon Freckles.  I highlighted her last week when I was so excited to do a guest post over on her blog.  As I said then, check her out when you can.  She's a DOLL!!
So, what award was I given?  The Leibster Award!

The Liebster Award is an Award that is given to smaller blogs, with less than 300 followers.  And in return you are supposed to award this to 3-5 other blogs as well!  The blogs I have decided to award this to are:

Freckles & Fun
A Fabuless Home
The Little Giggler

Along with passing on the award, I am supposed to tell you 7 things about myself!  HHHmmmmm.....

1.  I talk in my sleep.  I wonder what I say??
2. I only own four of our 16 drawers we have in our bedroom! The hubby seriously has a clothes addiction!

3.  My all time FaVoRiTe movie is Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!
4.  I love the smell of Gasoline, while pumping it into the car.
5.  I never wear lipstick or lip gloss.  I don't know why, I like it....just never think about putting it on. (And I used to be a Mary Kay Consultant, go figure).  HA!

6.  I ate Mexican 5 days a week while pregnant with my second son, Kaleb!  That was my only craving......that I have yet to get over.
7.  I have blog post scheduled for weeks away!  LOL  Am I the only one that does this?? ;)

Well, that's it!  Thanks so much again to Crayon Freckles!  It took me a few hours to think of some things to tell all my amazing readers.....and hopefully not bore you to death!

Have A Wonderful Day!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


A few weeks ago I pulled up to my house and realized that I couldn't even tell I had porch furniture. Our porch is more than half the length of our house. But I was not utilizing that space well at all. And our furniture that we did have blended into our house, so you couldn't even tell we had any unless you really looked. I took this first picture after I had added a few things already. Oops.
The only thing on our porch were the chairs.

First, I had to give them some color and pillows!  They could no longer blend in.

Next every girl needs her flowers, right??  I had a plain flower pot that I had gotten at the Goodwill months before, and new it would be perfect painted!  Let me just say, I PRAY this flower does not die!  I have no green thumb what so ever!  I have yet to keep anything alive, and I have bought flowers every year for three years now.  Sad, I know.

Tada!  I SO love it!  It jumps out at me now every time I drive up.  I see many, many nights out on the front porch with my love and kids watching them catch fireflies.  Or maybe just eating some fresh cut watermelon.  Can't you just imagine it?
*I have been asked what color I used on the chairs, it does not have a name.  I bought a can of paint that was "messed up" at the store.  Not that this will help, but the hubby calles it easter egg.  HA!

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Where am I??

Guess What?? I am doing my first guest posting!  I am too excited!!  I am over visiting Andie Jaye at Crayon Freckles.  If you have never ran across her blog, it is definitely one to check out!  I am posting about life in MY shoes.  I have some cute shoes, too! ;) 

To make it even sweeter, my hubby decided to pop in EARLY Sunday morning!  Can I get a WOOT WOOT??  So, please go over to Crayon Freckles and say hi to me.  I would love to know you checked it out.  And take a look at my shoes!

Have A Wonderful Day!!

Friday, July 15, 2011

T-Shirt Hat

The boys love hats. They have about a bajillion (that's a word, right?) It is in my dictionary, at least. ;) Anywho, I had a few shirts that Kaleb had outgrown and they had small stains on the neckline so I decided to recycle them into hats. Kaleb loves his. He doesn't wear it as much now, since it's hot. But this winter, he wore it a lot because it covered his ears.

How about some pictures?
For the brim I just cut up a cracker box and used some of that so it would stay "firm".
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lovin It!

I am really trying to figure out my style.  I have been so many years just buying one's and two's of certain things here and there and making up my wardrobe as I go along.  So, now I am trying to Really find out what I love and what my style is.  The problem will be to get away from buying one or two things here or there and actually paying attention to what I have, and want to wear as a completed outfit.  Ya know, like a person's "staples" they have in their closets at all times??

 I totally love this!  I am loving green right now, for some reason.  And I love how "simple" the whole thing is.  You know when you have kids you want to just be able to throw something simple on, and still look cute?  That's me!  I hate spending an hour to get ready, when I have four (yes, I have to help the hubby get ready too.  LOL) other people to get ready as well.  Now I will have to keep my eyes open for these types of things at the stores. ;)

Do you all know your style??  Or are you still trying to learn it as well?

Have A Wonderful Day!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hooo Are you?

Yep, it's time for another Hooo Are you over at Night Owl Crafting!

This weeks questions are....

1. Are you enjoying the summertime?
NO! It has been 97 here in Tennessee with heat indexes over 105. I REALLY need my winter and snow back. lol

2. What activities have you done in the last week?
I am working on a porch redo! Can't wait to show you the transformation. :)

3. What types of food do you tend to eat more of in the summer?
Watermelon, Watermelon, Watermelon. Mmmmm...

4. How much time are you spending outside?
The least amount of time possible. Basically, just the normal errands I have to run and that's it. My poor kiddos. lol

5. Is there any fun projects you are working on inside or outside your house?
Yep! A porch redo....and my daughter's room. So excited about both of them.

Now, that's my answers. What are yours?? :)


Monday, July 11, 2011

Cute Tubs

Alright, I know it is WAY past the 4th of July now. And that I'm a little slow and you are probably sick of seeing red, white, and blue by now. lol I'm sorry. I just wanted to show a cute way for table decorations you can change up and do for any get together. Here is what I did. 
I found these tins in the dollar spot at Target a while ago, and knew I would figure out some way to use them. Finally, I did. They were copper in color, so I spray painted them white. Then just took some blue and red craft paint and painted what I wanted on them. Super simple.

One has flags on both sides, one with stars, and one with "sparklers". You an really change these up for anything you would like. And it keeps everything off of the table and organized. :)

Total cost: $5. $3 for the tubs, and $2 for the spray paint. Score!!

And I promise, no more red, white, and blue from me!

Have A Wonderful Day!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Savings for you?

For a few months now I have been sharing how I save my family money. I save money with coupons, shopping sales, yard sales, making our own gifts for holidays, and more. I always love to hear more ideas on how I can save my family money, so I would like to hear from you.

1. How do you save at the grocery store?

2. How do you save on clothing?

3. Are there any other ways you save your family money?

We all learn from hearing other ideas, so share the wealth! ;)

Have A Wonderful Day!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Chicken Taco Soup

I love soup! It doesn't matter to me what time of year it is. When I got my hands on this recipe I wanted to try it so bad! I finally made it and let me tell was definately worth the wait. What makes it even better is that it's a crock pot meal. Woot Woot!!

What you need:
1 can tomatoes
1 can kidney beans
1 can corn
1 packet of taco seasoning

All you need to do is throw all of it in the crock pot for a few hours. When the chicken is done take it out and shred it, then return back to the pot.

Serve hot, with sour cream and cheese if you would like.

If you like soups, you need to try it.

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Have A Wonderful Day!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fabric Bracelet

First I want to say that I just LOVE this bracelet! I love that I already had everything on hand, that its "messy", that it takes 10 minutes, and of course that it is so stinkin adorable!! I see this getting a LOT of wear by me. :)

While rabbit trailing the other night from blog to blog I found Sew.Craft.Create and this tutorial for the bracelet. Fist, if you have never been to this's seriously amazing! And she has some great tutorials.

This is what it looks like!

Soooo, do you LOVE it??  I do!

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Have A Wonderful Day!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

{late} Happy 4th of July!

Happy day late 4th of July bloggy friends!! I'm so sorry I was not able to get on and wish you all a happy one yesterday. The kids are I are visiting family for the holiday and have been slammed packed with FUN activities!!

Like...wearing a new twirl skirt I made Riley!
Or wearing Kaleb's new shirt that we made for the 4th!
We "may" have been eating a little too much food.....
 Possibly having a water balloon fight....
 Or being the ONLY adult in the swiming pool with all the crazy kids!! 
And last, but certainly not least, getting some good fireworks in!!

I hope you all had a great day as well!

I'll be trying to catch up on all my AMAZING comments and readers I have been getting these past few days tomorrow.

Have A Wonderful Day!!