Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lovin It

I have a baby sower coming up soon at church. This lovely lady will be having a boy. Doesn't it seem that cute boy items are so hard to come by?? There are adorable things for girls everywhere....but boys, not so much. So, I turned to pinterest yet again and here are some ideas I will be trying to decide between. :)Pee Pee Tee Pee!  I think this is hilarious!!!
Source: via Jana on Pinterest

I love that this does the job, but would be so much more simple to make than the regular flap ones.
Source: via Lori on Pinterest

I absolutely adore this sign! Who wouldn't love this??
Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

And this is a HAVE to make! It will be included in whatever I decide to do. ;)

Have A Wonderful Day!!


  1. i LOVE that onesie!!! i remember that being one of the things that irked me the most!

  2. All of these are adorable! I especially love the sign! :) Tennessee fans are like Alabama fans when it comes to football! :) My brother pastors a church in Chattanooga and my next door neighbor used to play for the Vols, so I totally understand! At least you didn't say you were an Auburn fan! That would passibly end all communication with us, haha, jk.:) I am saying JP all the way, too! I wonder who the next Bachelor will be! I hope it won't be the guy who came back this week! (can't even remember his name...)


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