Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yard Sales

I LOVE yard sales. I love having them and shopping them. Honestly! Why do I love having them?? Because I get rid of a lot of stuff junking up my house, and make some money all in one day. Why do I love shopping them? Because you can get things for SUPER cheap, of course!
My mom and I have a yard sale every year at her house. I feel that we really know how to have a successful yard sale so I wanted to share what we do and the outcome we had.

1. Find your "junk" and gather it in one/two places.
2. Price it CHEAP. You will sale more, which will in turn get rid of more and make you more money.
3. "Stage" it. Try to put like items together as much as possible.
4. Open Early, and stay open till 2 or 3.
5. Have it one day only. Decide if Friday or Saturday would be best for you. But, two day sales do not normally do as good as one day sales. (From my own experience)
6. Make $1,000 like we did this past weekend! WOOOOHOOOOO!!!
7. Donate your left over items.
Ready for some pictures of a good yard sale? ;)

Look above at what I was able to figure out how to do! Woot Woot!!  Blogging is a learning process, I tell ya!  And the pictures are probably to small to see exactly how we group ours. (sorry)

I will be linking to these parties.

Have  A Wonderful Day!

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