Friday, June 24, 2011

Paperbag Skirt

First off I need to say that I LOVE when I finish something that I'm so scared to even try for MONTHS! I LOVE even more when it doesn't look half bad! HA!! I have been seeing paperbag skirts all over blog land for women, and since I'm too scared to try something for myself after the Dress FAIL, I decided I needed to do it for Riley.  And, I took pics of how I did it. :)

First, gather your supplies.  I measured Riley's waist and added about 5 inches.  I then measured the length I wanted it to be, by where I wanted it to hit her leg and added 3 inches.  I made the belt to be the same length of the skirt, with it being two inches wide.  I then cut 5 squares for the belt loops.

I started with the belt loops and sewed down both sides to use as the top and bottom.

I then sewed the belt down the sides, and on the ends.

I then made the top of the skirt by flipping it over 2 inches and sewing.

The bottom I only flipped over 1 inch.

Time to add the belt loops.  I flipped the sides under and sewed down the tops and bottoms of the loops, right under the top stitch of the skirt.

I forgot the last picture of sewing the skirt together...oops.  All I did was sew right side in down the side.  Then flipped it over and added the belt!  Tada!!

I think it's perfect!  However, my model...Riley, hates it. Boo!  She is so picky about how her clothes fit.  She thinks that since I had to tighten the skirt with the belt that it's to big.  HA!  Maybe I can hide some elastic in there somewhere and just have the belt for the looks of the paperbag skirt. ;)

I will be linking to these parties.

Have A Wonderful Day!!

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