Friday, June 3, 2011

Almost an Omlet

I decided to post a breakfast menu for today. This week we spent some time with my parents and sister's family. :) My sis is the cook in the family. She loves cooking, and can make a wonderful meal out of just blending spices and things togeather. I wish I was that good. So, one morning after yard saleing we went home and started some breakfast.

This is what you need:
a little olive oil
bell pepper
chili powder

First put olive oil, cubed potatoes, bell pepper, onion, and chili powder in a skilet and fry until done.
In a separate skillet fry up some sausage.  You could also us bacon, ham, anything you want really.
When both of those pans are done add them together and pour in your beat up eggs.  Let cook until eggs are done and add cheese to the top.
Once cheese is melted, EAT!  It isn't beautiful, but it is OH SO DELISHIOUS!
Thanks to my sister for making us breakfast and letting me "steal" her recipe to share with all of you!!
I will be linking to these sites.
Have A Wonderful Day!!

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