Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bed Dress

I have finally done it! I have finally made a dress for myself. I am on cloud nine right now. You have no idea. ;) At mine and my mother's yard sale I posted about here, I found a torn up bed ruffle in her stuff. She noticed it was all ripped up and was heading to the trash with it. I stopped her, knowing that I could find something to use it for.

I have been wanting a long, flowy, summery, maxi type of dress for this summer. I really like how light and airy the material was on the bed ruffle...and hey, it was free. So if I messed it up, really no big loss. Right? So this is what I did....

Took torn ruffle.

Cut into strips that measured around my body with a little left over for sewing.

Pined on top of layers to sew together.

All three layers sewed together.

Fold layers right sides together and pin to sew.

Finished bottom part of dress.

 Pin top shirt (tank top that was stained on the bottom) to skirt for sewing.

Finished product! 

Do you believe that the cameral adds 10 pounds??  I've always heard I totally believe it!  I hate looking at certain pictures of myself. :/
I will be linking to these parties.

Have A Wonderful Day!!


  1. That is ADORABLE!!!! You did an amazing job!!

  2. Thrifty and so cute! I LOVE ruffles...can't get enough of them. I need to make me something ruffly now! :)

  3. Hi! Following from a Glimpse Inside. Your dress turned out beautiful. Would love to have you link this up at my link party going on over on my blog right now. :)


  4. hey! i'm a military spouse too! just popped over from a glimpse inside... this is so creative and turned out beautifuly!

  5. I are amazing to have made that from a bed ruffle!!!!! Of all things!!! And you look beautiful Christy!

  6. Doesn't it feel great to make something for yourself?!
    Great job!
    I am your latest follower and I look forward to all the cute stuff you will be sharing!
    Stop by if you have time!

  7. Thanks ladies! I'm trying to really look at things in a different way as to not be wasteful. :)

  8. that's a fabulous idea! and it looks great, love those tiers and the simple top.

  9. Hi there- found you through Remodelaholic's hop and am a new follower. This is such a great way to re-use fabric! Kudos!I hope you have time to follow my life in South Africa by

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Thanks everyone. :) Im so glad you all like it, that makes me feel more at ease to wear it. lol

  11. I just did the same thing but with a skirt. I couldn't let all those ruffles go to waste. :) Your dress is very cute!!!

  12. Great idea! It turned out beautifully!


  13. bird, you are just too cute in that dress! love the necklace with it! totally wish i could sew. i'd love to try out some of your projects. thanks for linking this up to last week's tip-toe thru tuesday party! hope to see you again this week!

    your bloggie buddy, andie

  14. I am LOVING all the comments on this dress! ;) Thanks so much everyone.


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