Thursday, June 23, 2011


I have been trying to get caught up on all my amazing comments I  have been getting the past few day. :)  I LOVE IT!!  You see, I was able to see an AMAZING group of guys on Tuesday nigh!

I am a 90's that means I was ALL ABOUT New Kids On The Block and Back Street Boys. Woot Woot!  Yes, Yes, I still love them.  lol  I even have their really old VCR tape. haha  And on Monday I made the boys set down and watch it with get prepared for the real thing of course. ;)  If you could have only heard what my oldest was saying about have the funniest things to say.

So, after years and years I finally got my chance to see them in concert!  Yep, Tuesday Nashville!  EEEKKKK!  Oh,  you want to see pictures??  Why of course, I will show you some! ;)

The groups!

Back Street Boys

New Kids On The Block

You know I have more....and it's hard for me not to show them ALL to you!  But, I don't wanna brag too much. ;)

Have A Wonderful Day!!


  1. How fun! Boy does this post bring back some memories for me. And you gotta wonder if these guys feel sore the day after their shows. They're getting "old" right along with us - I'm sure they're well stocked on Motrin! Hahaha

  2. haha, I bet they are sore afterwards. I know I couldn't do what they did. ;)


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