Friday, January 6, 2012

Homemade {Recieved}

This year my family decided to do all homemade gifts.  I love this because not only is homemade less expensive, but a lot more thought goes into homemade.  Here is a round up of my homemade gifts that I received.

My Father In Law is amazing at wood working.  He can build anything, I believe.  He know's I am currently into a "antique" mode in my house.  So he found an old school meat grinder and attached it to a wooden board.  I can hang it on the wall to look at...or even take it off and use it.  Don't worry....It will stay on the wall.  HA!

My sister gave me a few things.  Some of which were these.  A Peppermint Food Scrub, and a Lemon Verbania Hand Scrub.  I have used both, and they are so nice.  The plus, these would be great gifts for any reason, not just Christmas.  Yep, I will be doing a post on how they are made.  Want to know??

This next gift is by FAR my favorite homemade gift recieved this year.  No explination needed.

What about you all??  Did you give or recieve any handmade gifts this year?  If you did, leave me a linkin the comments.   I woud love to check them out. :)

Thanks so much for reading.  Have a great day.


  1. that sign is sooo awesome! what a thoughtful and amazing gift!


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