Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pinterest Make Me: Lights

I can't seem to leave Riley's room alone.  I "finished" it months ago, and still keep coming up with things to do in there.  For today's Pinterest Make Me, I decided to dress up her light.  Here is what I seen on Pinterest.

Super cute, right?  Perfect for my little girl's room. ;)  Here is how it went.


Take the Ugly.Light.Fixture off.

Dig out some lanterns that I used in my sister's baby shower a few years ago.  I knew I was a hoarder for a reason! ;)

Attach cute ribbons to each on the lanterns on the top.  Nail them into the ceiling at different lengths and spaces.

Admire your work!

I love walking in there.  Yes, it's not as bright in there. 

BUT, it feels like the lanterns from Tangled to me. ;) Love that movie!

What have you completed from your pins?  I would love for you to leave me a link to check it out!

See you later, friends!


  1. It's like being a princess every night.........

  2. It's like being a princess every night.........


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