Sunday, May 1, 2011


Swagbucks is a search engion (like google). I use swagbucks for ALL of my searching on the internet! The only difference between google and swagbucks? With swagbucks you WIN bucks! Just for searching the internet you can win 1 to 100 swagbucks at any given time. These bucks can be used to BUY things in their Swag Store!! Their swag store has thousands of items and stores to choose from. I personally opt to get $5 gift card for only 450 bucks! I have used this search engion for OVER 2 years now and have gotten well over $100 in FREE gift cards for! Just for searching the internet which I would do anyways! SERIOUSLY!!

The way swagbucks works: Sign up for an account by using the Swagbucks ad I have put on the very bottom of my blog page. :) (there is a "button" that says Sign up.) Next, start earning bucks!
You can earn bucks by:
searching the internet using
installing the swagbucks toolbar to your browser screen. (a bar at the top)
watching videos
get swagbucks on your birthday (every year)
get swagbucks on your swagbucks "anniversary" (every year)
referring people (yep, if you sign up under me, then every buck you win, I win too) :)

After you sign up you can start refurring people under you and win from others as they win.

To "spend" your bucks all you do is go to their swag store and pick what you want. They will take your "bucks" and you will recieve your product/gift card code in just a few weeks! How easy is that??

Now, go to the bottom of my blog page, click on "sign up" and start searching!

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