Thursday, May 19, 2011

Starbucks "Knockoff"

I have never been a fan of coffee....until I had my first Starbucks "coffee". HA! I LOVE Frapachino's....LOVE...LOVE....LOVE! If I had the money I seriously would get one everyday. Unfortunately, I don't. So, in walks my Starbucks "knockoff".

Add my creamer. (yes, I changed my mind on the creamer at the last minute)  lol
Add a spoonfull of cocoa (yes, I do this when it is already cold.) It does "clump" because it's mixed into a cold, not hot drink.  BUT, for some reason I like the taste it gives this way.  It was totally a mess up the first time I made it this way...but I like it.  Go figure???  I'm so odd.
Finished!  Delishiousness! FREE!  Ok, Ok, so I already had a drink...or two....or three from it when I took this pic!

Now, go make you a "knockoff" of whatever you love and Have a Wonderful Day!
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