Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tie Dyed Shirt

Hello Friends!!

Man, you have NO idea how much I have missed blogging. It truly is addictive, I tell ya! :) I have thought about my bloggy friends many times the past few days and knew I should drop a line about why I was away. Well, that never happend! BUT, it was because of my crappy bad camera! :(  Wouldn't you know it just as I was ready to take pics of a project I have been working on....the battery is dead!!  HELLO, doesn't my camera know it is not allowed to mess us when I need it to work??  Gesh!  Ok, Ok, enough of rambling.

I found my hubby's camera that he had hidden....haha!  He doesn't need it right now anyway, right?  ;)  I am loving all of the BRIGHT colors!!  Maybe it is because I am an 80s child...or maybe its because it makes my WHITE skin look so tan!  lol  But I LOVE it!!  So I decided to make a shirt!

Since the fist camera battery was dead I went ahead with the project and took pics afterwards.  Sorry.

This is what you will need:
White T-Shirt ( I found mine at the DOLLAR TREE!  No Joke!  Did you know they carried shirts??)
Tie Dye Spray
Freezer paper or bag (to put in the middle of your shirt so that it doesn't bleed)

Just picture the t-shirt being white.  lol

I used freezer paper for my "lines" of color.  Just spray the color you want in the section you want.

 This is the finished poduct! I love it, of course!  I acctually wore it tonight while signing my son up for Kindergarten. :)  And had a few compliments!
To get the color to set in you will just need to iron or dry in the dryer for 20 min. before washing the first time.  What do you think??

Have A Wonderful Day!!

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