Sunday, May 8, 2011

Savings Saturday (On Sunday)

Well, I have missed another Saturday for my savings saturday post! I promise I will get back on track soon. I hope. lol Anywho, I didn't really get and great deals this week. What I did get was a savings on my regular grocery bill. Which I am happy about. Its just harder to tell the money you saved when Its groceries because I still pay out so much money. :(

So, here ya go! Once again sorry for the picture quality. I want a new camera for my Mothers Day/Birthday/Anniversary/Christmas!! Think it will work?? ha!

For the aweful quality of picture this is what it says:

MFG Coupon Savings 46.80
Bonus Coupon Savings 2.00
Kroger Plus Savings 87.77
Total Savings 136.57

Total SPENT was 114.92
So that is a savings of 57%

Not too shabby by saving over 50% of your bill! :)

So, what were all of you able to score this week?? I really wanna know!

Have a Wonderful Day!

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  1. That's awesome!! I love saving on groceries! Thanks for sharing :)


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