Monday, May 23, 2011

Learning Book

My middle son, Kaleb is starting Kindergarten this coming year. :) I am too excited for this to happen, but have not been very diligent with trying to teach him the things he needs to know. I am just entirely too impatient. Thank God I was not called to be a teacher. lol

In walks the learning book! I found this on I am Momma's website. Have you ever checked her out?? She is seriously amazing. One of my favorite blogs, hands down.  She had found these over at Preschool Packs.  There are a TON of choices to choose from.  They are print outs that you can put in plastic sleaves and use washable markers on so that you can use them over and over.  And the best thing.....Kaleb LOVES it!  Here's what I did.

WARNING-----There are a TON of pictures.  I just couldn't help but show off how cute all of the choices were.  This first book is the Toy Story one I made for Kaleb.

 Of course I had to make one for Riley.  She doesn't really know what it is yet...but her time is coming very soon.  Her's is the Princess printables.

 Ok, so I can't even just stop with those two!  I absolutely loved the idea so I made my cousins daughter one too!  lol  Her's is from the Doctor's pack because she LOVES all of those TLC shows about baby's and stuff! ;)

Thanks for dealing with all the pictures! lol 

I will be linking up to THESE parties.

Have A Wonderful Day!!

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