Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well, it is official! I now have two kiddos enrolled in school! ;) I know a lot of prents hate this time of having to let their kids go off alone and grow and learn on their own......I however, am completely happy about it! And Kaleb is SOOOOO excited! We bought his backpack last year when they were clearenced (yes,I do buy a season ahead on whatever I can) And he has been bugging  asking me ever since to "just pull it out and look at it".  It is so adorable.

Luke (2nd Grade) showing Kaleb around the BIG library.
Kaleb is my sweetheart!  He has such a big heart and does his best to please everyone as much as he can.  I am in LOVE with his sweet spirit and smile.  

Have a Wonderful Day!

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