Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chair Recovered!

I  haven't talked much about my mother on the blog as of yet.  My mother is the caftiest, do it yourself lady I have ever met!  I suppose that's where I get it from.  My mother has BUILT walls, and TORN walls down to make a kitchen bar or just because she wanted the space to be bigger.  She uses ALL power tools you can think of.  She made mine and my sister's clothes while growing up.  She recovers furniture.  She seriously could probably build a house if she had the product and time to do it.  Really!  She is one amazing lady.

My parents bought Luke a recliner many years ago for christmas. You can definately tell it has been in a little boys room. Look at the picture of it....Nasty!  The buttons were coming off, the back was coming off.....sad.
My mom came down last week to help with the kids while my youngest (Riley) had mouth surgery.  (She's doing ok, so far)  The day before she left I mentioned that I needed to find some material while she was down and have her help me recover this nasty chair.  Not only did she come to help me out....she brought PLENTY of material for my chair as well. AND, it's the kind of material that you can wash and clean!  Woot Woot!  Im telling you....she's amazing! ;)  The night after she arrived we started working on it.  Well...she started working on it.....I just kinda did what she told me too.  lol  Look at the finished product!
I did take pictures of the process because I was going to do a "walk through" on how we did it.  But honestly, we just covered, stapled, and made it work.  It's probably not the correct way  to  recover this type of chair, so I thought I would save the embarassment of it and just let you admire the finished product. HA
The back and sides.  Im not sure what the white thing is on the floor in the bottom picture...but its not there now. ?

Best thing about only cost me $2 for a practically brand new child's recliner.  : D  Mom brought the material, and I only had to buy the "decorative" brads!  Can't beat that!

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Have A Wonderful Day!!

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