Monday, May 2, 2011

Kindle Keeper

About a month ago while the kids were on spring break we went to see my sister and my beautiful niece. While there I noticed that she had a kindle....without a cover....just laying on a shelf. You get where I'm going with this? HA I decided I needed to make her a SUPER cute cover for her kindle, so I did!

I followed the tutorial over on The Polka Dot Chair HERE.

To start you need two pieces of fabric for your front and back cut at 6"x8.5". Two pieces of fabric for your inside cover at the same size. I also added two pieces of cotton for padding at the same size.  2 pieces of fabric for the top flap sized at 4" x 6".  Two pieces of ribbon 16" long.

 I HAVE Need to get a better camera! :(  So sorry for the picture quality.

I put all of the pieces right sides togeather and sewed.  Then I turned them out so that they were the right way.  After sewing the sides this way, I then added the flap to one side, along with sewing the ribbon on both pieces.
 Finally I added the two sides togeather and sewed.  This is what the final product looks like.
 So, what do ya think??   I hope she likes it.....She's pretty picky!  lol  
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  1. It turned out cute! I almost wish I had a Kindle just so I could make one of those pouches. :) Found you @ Tip Junkie


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