Monday, May 9, 2011

Riley = Hair Stylist!

Well, it has finally happend!  Riley has cut her hair.  As she was walking into the living room tonight I seen the scissors in her hand.....with the hair in between......and before I could say no or do anything......yep, there it went!  lol   Luckily, she may have a little bit of style and my stylist/cousin who cuts our hair may have taught her a thing or two. ;)  She only had two small strands near the front and she didn't cut too much off.  So, we dodged a bullet!  This was by FAR the best cut one of my children has done on their hair yet!  HA 

Can you see it??  The pretty small, but still shorter piece of hair??  lol  Kids, gotta love em!!

Have a Wonderful Evening!

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