Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pinterest Make Me: {Mrs. Claus Tutu Dress}

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Good Morning everyone!!  I am in the Christmas swing full force, how about you?  Today I want to show you an order I completed a few weeks ago.  It is a Mrs. Clause tutu.  Simply adorable!!  Sorry in advance for the un-edited photos.  My computer completely died on me, and I'm having to use the hubby's for a few days until I get it fixed. :( 

One of my real life friends/follower on Pinterest asked if I could make this Mrs. Claus TuTu Dress.  I was more than happy to help.  I mean, we all know how much I love making things off of Pinterest!

Here is the picture from Bear Rabbit Bear! {Hi Melanie!}
Super cute, right?  Let's get started!
First, make a tutu long enough to fit a child from right below the arm's to as long as you want the "dress".  You will need to measure how long that is, and double it so that you will have the right length since your tulle will have to be doubled over the top to make the tutu. (Does that make since?) 

I found some Christmas hats at the Dollar Tree, and decided to cut the "fur" off of them for the top of the dress.

I folded the "fur" over the top, where it would be soft on the inside and outside of the dress and hand stitched it onto the top of the dress. I left a small space in the back, about 1 inch that was not sewn but just laid over so that the elastic could still stretch to fit over a body and be stretched out if needed.

Next is the belt.  A friend of mine, Beth, found the ribbon at Hobby Lobby and I knew it was perfect!  It has a sweet ruffle on each side, plus feels like velour or something of that nature in the middle.  I sewed on some velcro, so that it can be moved to fit a while if used for something different.

Add a little bling in the middle for the "buckle" and your done!  I absolutely, positively, LOVE it!!

It is being used for Christmas photos, and I will get a picture of the cutie wearing it soon.  When I do, I will make sure to post it so that everyone can see! ;)

I like to party over here!

Have a fabulous day!


  1. How cute!!!!

    I found you on TT&J! I would love for you come by and join me by linking this up at my new "Create and Inspire" linky party! ;)

    Angie from A Little Inspiration

  2. visiting from tt&j. Thank you for the tutorial on this! Ive seen pictures and wondered how to make it. My daughter is going to love this! Im also sharing this on my facebook page!

    Plus.. If you get a chance I would love for you to share this at my Friday link party going on now :)


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