Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pinterest Make Me {On the list!}

This week I thought I would show you some pins from my boards that I want to complete, instead of actually showing something that I have completed.  :)  And yes, you can be looking forward to me doing these in the next few weeks.  Do you make things that you pin, or just pin?  I haven't been seeing very many referencing their boards when working on a project.  But, I'll tell ya it is so nice to clean some things off of them! ;)  Anyway, here are some pretty pictures!

{Some sources were not working, but for the ones that were you can click on the picture to take you to the original source!}

Source: via Christy on Pinterest

Love them all!
Have a great rest of the week!


  1. I love them all too... so creative! I'm your new GFC follower :)

    (ps - I have two giveaways going on this week... you should check them out!)

  2. Great ideas!! I love that frame/cover thing. Awesome!! :)


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