Monday, November 7, 2011

NEW Shop!!

Can you since the excitement in my title?? :) I have taken the plunge of a new shop for Christy's Cuties. I am SO EXCITED to see where this takes me!

I have decided to use BigCartel for my shop, because you are able to list up to 5 items for FREE to start out!  Since I have no idea how many items I may or may not sell (Hopefully LOTS) I decided it would be best to start small, and free.  The hubby likes this idea much better, also.  HAHA!  As you want to add more products, you are able to with a small monthly fee.  Easy Peasy!!

So, pretty please hop on over and check it out!  I would love to know what you all think.  I mean, this is the first time I've opened an online shop and all.  I don't wanna stink at it, right?  lol 

Alrighty, I'm off to feel like I'm on top of the world tonight.  I will be back later to check and see if I have any critiques.  I welcome them, honestly!!  Just be nice about it, k?  I don't feel like crying tonight.  And I know you don't want to crush my hopes and dreams.  Right??  :)

PS.  Oh yea, spread the word! 

PPS. Want me to have a giveaway from the shop, to get things started??

PPPS.....ok, just playing.

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