Friday, November 11, 2011

New Look!

Hey lovelies! Notice anything different around here? Yep! We got a face lift on the blog today!! Woot Woot!!
The theme and colors stayed the same, of course. I mean, I still love it so why change it? I just added to what I already had! I feel so grown up now in blog land. I have new tabs at the top. New BUTTONS! You will now be able to grab a feature button from me if I show off anything you have done! YAY!! I also had a button for my shop made that will take you straight to it! All of the PLUS labels for my side bar!! So that I can feel more organized! LOVE IT!!

Of course, I went back to Happy Potamus Designs for this bloggy look! Lindsay designed my Header and button when I started the blog, and she does great work! So I knew I would definitely go back to her for everything else. :) Well, that and she has GREAT prices! Seriously, the cheapest I have seen around.

And that is not all she does!  She also makes announcements, cards, pritables, and so much more.  Go check her out!  Tell her Christy's Cuties sent you if you do. ;)

PS.  I am getting nothing from Happy Potamus Designs for this post.  I really do just love her work, and she's a total sweetheart!  We're supposed to support other's, right?  ;)

Have a fabulous night everyone!  I'm gonna go look at my blog page some more.  HAH!


  1. LOOKS AWESOME!!! :)

    Ginger @

  2. love it! i've done touch-ups here and there. would like a new header. made one up about a month ago. had it up for a few hours before i missed the feet and switched it back :P this is so fun! it does look very grown-up-bloggish!

  3. Thanks Christy!! As always, you are so fun to work with! Thanks for letting me help make your blog pretty :)


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