Thursday, December 1, 2011

Guest Post {One Artsy Mama}

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Good Morning Friends!!  It's December 1st!  WOOOHOOOO!!  Know what that means??  Jesus was born this month, and Santa is coming to my house!! LOVE this month!  Today is also the day for a new guest post.  I am so excited to have Amy from One Artsy Mama here today.  Let's get started!
Hi!  I'm Amy, aka One Artsy Mama, and I'm so excited to be here today to share a holiday craft idea with you!
A little about me: I've been married to my best friend and dance partner for 10 years, and we have an adorable 3 year old I like to call my "Little Crafter."  He brings such joy to our lives and I love sharing some of my favorite hobbies with him.
I'm passionate about Jesus, my family, and ballroom dance, and I'm addicted to Starbucks.  Peppermint mocha, anyone?  I love making artsy-craftsy things of all kinds and am happiest when I'm creating something.

Christmas is my absolute FAVORITE holiday, so I especially enjoy making decorations and gifts with Little Crafter.  Here's one of our latest projects and a quick tutorial so you can try it too!


- colored craft sticks {or plain ones and acrylic paint}
- glitter
- craft glue
- printed photo trimmed to 3"x3"
- ribbon
The colored craft sticks and glitter we used were generously provided by  Every so often, they surprise us with a fabulous assortment of craft supplies to sample, and these were a part of the holiday kit we received in November.  I love that the sticks are already colored {saves the time and mess of painting them!} and the glitter tubes have great shaker tops that really do help minimize spilling and extra mess. products are available at local Walmart stores.

 STEP 1: Line up 11 craft sticks.  Glue photo in center.
STEP 2: Use craft glue to attach four more sticks horizontally; two at the top and two at the bottom.
STEP 3: Glue four more sticks on, vertically this time; two on the left and two on the right.

STEP 4: Spread craft glue on top surface and sprinkle with glitter.

To make this an ornament, glue a ribbon to the back.  You could also turn it into a magnet if, like us, you're already going to need a whole other tree just for the ornaments your little crafter{s} are making this year!

Here's the finished you love my fun new tablecloth?  A Walmart special!

Here's how it looks hanging.  We don't have our tree yet since we get a real one and last year when we cut it down Thanksgiving weekend, it turned into a crispy critter by Christmas!  So, you get a shot of the ornament on the china cabinet instead...use your imagination!

Well, there you have it!  It's quick, it's easy, it's cheap, and it's got GLITTER!  Remember, glitter makes everything better!  Thanks to Christy for having me here today and to you for letting me share this craft idea with you.  Hope you're inspired, and I also hope you'll stop by One Artsy Mama to say hello sometime!  After all,
Come join in the fun at tomorrow's Shine On Fridays party and stop by the ongoing {Our} Home for the Holidays link party for a ton of fabulous seasonal inspiration.  Can't wait to see you soon!

Thanks so much, Amy!  I can't wait to make some with my kids. ;)  Oh, and I LOVE Peppermint Mocha as well. MMMmmmmm!!

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