Monday, December 12, 2011


As mentioned the other day, I am making some donation baskets for a few things.  This basked was made for the local YMCA.  They had a silent auction and booth fair.  I believe that it is good to give back, when you are able to.  I have never felt like I had enough talent to give things that I have made, but after giving a few handmade gifts and such I am getting brave.  Here is my finished basket.

I put in a painted sign, three zippered pouches, 1 hair pin, 2 shirt pins, 2 crayon rolls (one for boy and one for girl), and some sugar hand scrub. (Tutorial for the hand scrub is coming soon. Its so EASY!)

Here is a closer shot of the inside.

Since I have never given a donation basket I am not sure how I did.  What do you all think?  Is it better to pack it out, or do a "hodge podge" basket?  Have you given any donation baskets before?

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