Saturday, December 17, 2011

Simple Things

If you remember this post from last week, then you know I am trying to become more of a Proverbs 31 Woman.  Since I have been more aware of this, I have been much more aware of my kiddos.  I have also been spending more time with them.  So, here are a few pictures from the past few days! 
 Riley and I had a blast playing Barbies in her room the other day!  Well, Riley had a blast...I had a mess on my hands taking off and putting on Barbie's and Ken's clothes.  lol

My oldest, Luke, has NO fashion know how at ALL!  He definitely takes after me, poor boy.  While getting dress for school, he decided that these jeans were fine for him to wear.  Yep, they are his BROTHER'S!  Hello??  Luke??  You awake??  His answer...I didn't realize they were so short.  Really?  He wears a 7 while he brother wears a 5.  He didn't notice that they didn't fit in the waist, crotch, length, nothing?  LOL  Kids!

I look forward to capturing many more memories and special times with my kids while I am being present in life. 

PS!  With Christmas one week away, and me changing the way I live and look at life, I am going to take the next week or so off from this hear blog!  No worries, I WILL be back!!  Hopefully before New Years.  But, I want to be present for this time, not typing up posts.  I'm sure you will be seeing me around at YOUR blogs, though!  Looking and commenting on all of your cuties. ;)
Have a great day!

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