Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pinterest Make Me {Wreath}

It's Wednesday!  That means I have been working on a project from Pinterest.  ;)  Of course, it has to be Christmas related.  Love!!  I seen this wreath on Pinterest, and knew I needed one.

It is from Better Homes and Garden site.
Source: via Christy on Pinterest

What's even better is that I found everything I needed at the Dollar Tree. Woot Woot!  Below is what I started with.

Wrap the cream ribbon around your wreath tightly, hot gluing it on each end to keep it attached.

Hot glue the snowflakes on however you would like.  I slightly overlapped mine on each side.

Attache your coordinating ribbon that you would like to use, I used green.  And then I added a bow at the top.  Below is showing it hanging on my door, but with the front door being white, it didn't quite stand out like I wanted from far away.

So I moved it onto an old mirror we have in our living room!  I like it much better in here.  However, I have horrible lighting in the living room, so sorry for the awful picture quality.  It really does not give it justice.  But, I am very happy with it in real life!! :)

What have you made off of Pinterest lately?  Or do you just like to "pin"?

I like to party over here!

Thanks for reading!


  1. so pretty. I have been looking for cute white Christmas decoration ideas and I love this one/ I especially love the price.

    Cute blog!

  2. This is so pretty, AND you can keep it up long into January! You did such a great job!
    Stopping by from Homemaker in Heels :-)

  3. Lovely! It looks sweet hanging in front of the window frame, too.

  4. Beautiful wreath! It looks fanatastic in combination with the old mirror!

  5. Oooo....I really like the snowflakes. I think I'll be heading to the dollar store this week!

    Michaela @

  6. That is lovely! And so Cheap! I love how "Sahbby" it looks on your window. Festive!

  7. adorable!!! I love your header :) first time visitor :)

  8. This is so pretty! Thanks so much for linking up to my Saturday 7 party!

  9. So simple & so cute. AND I love it on the window.

    Warmly, Michelle

  10. I adore this it is so cute. Thanks for sharing I will follow on my way out and hope you can find the time to drop over to my place and do the same. Merry Christmas and I look forward to supporting your beautiful blog in the New Year. Cheers SpecialK XoXo


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