Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hoo are you?

I have totally missed the Hoo are you posts!  I know you have too, right?  Right??  I thought so! ;)

Here are this weeks questions and answers!
1. Is all your Christmas shopping done?
NO!  It's driving me nuts too!  I am never this far behind, and my daughter is the only one done.  I'm not even done with making the gifts that I am making to give. :/

2. Do you decorate for Christmas and if so when?
Yes!  It's the best.  I love to decorate, and so do my kids.  We put everything up either Thanksgiving night, or the day after Thanksgiving.

3. Do you bake during the Holiday season?
I'm trying to get better about it this year.  For Thanksgiving I made ALL of the sweets for my families meal.  And I'm doing better about making more on normal nights at home.  But, I'm not the best at baking, so it's a big step.

4. What are your favorite smells of this time of year?
Turkey and Dressing, Sugar Cookies, Peppermint Mocha Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Apple name it, I like it.  Don't really have a favorite "one".

5. What are your favorite things to do during the Holiday Season?
Our town has a Riverwalk, and every year they deck it out in Christmas lights.  LOVE IT!  We also watch Christmas movies all the time.  On Christmas Eve I read Twas the Night Before Christmas to my kids when tucking them into bed.  

I would love to hear your answers!  Come join the in the fun over at Night Owl Crafting.


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