Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A Birthday Gift

When in the Military you meet so many women.  You definitely have to weed through and find the ones that you want to keep around.  After 10 years, I feel like I have finally done this.  Another thing with the Military is that as soon as you get close with some people, they leave.  Luckily for me, my good group has all be around for a while now....and it looks like they will get to be around for a few more years at least.  Hopefully until we retire.  HA!

One of those fabulous women had a birthday a few weeks ago.  She's a country WV girl.  She's not flashy, and very simple.  I {heart} this lady so much.  Defiantly one we will be getting together with no matter where we all live.  I decided she deserved something more than just a regular drop in the store and pick something out.  So I really tried to make her some cute things.

The head wrap you may remember from this post.  I liked mine so much, I made her one. ;)  The bracelet on the bottom is just like the one from this post.  I have had so many complements on it that I decided to make another one for her.  The other two flowers are new.  I had never made them until now, but I have been wanting too.

 Package them in some cute stuff, meant for a lovely lady!

 And she seemed to like them.  YAY!  Below is our "little" group.  The Birthday girl is the one in the bottom, front.  It was a fabulous dinner celebration with the girls.

I will be linking up to these fab parties!

Have  A Fabulous Day!!

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