Friday, August 5, 2011

Loads of FUN!

As I have mentioned before (maybe a 1,000 times) I get my creativity from my mom.  She has always been so creative and crafty.  While visiting my parents new house a few weeks ago I had seen a few things that I knew I just had to share on here.

My mom made this adorable sign for her laundry room.  It is a canvas.  She painted the brown rectangles and a laundry cord.  Then she used her cricuit machine to make the letters and "clothes".  I think its adorable!

Please don't pay attention to the (your text here) at the top of the page.  That's my error. ;)

Have A Wonderful Day!!

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  1. that's really cute! she did a good job on it!! thanks for sharing... you got my gears turning!


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