Friday, August 19, 2011

Organize Everything

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I have been finding all kinds of areas in my house that are bugging me with not being organized. And then the more I organize, the more I realize other areas that are not organized. It's a bad cycle. One that I need to fix.
While looking for snacks for the kiddos in my cabinets, I realized they were all over the place. My cabinets had become very unorganized.  Another bad thing about unorganized keep buying the same things over and over not realizing you already have it.  Yep, that's me!  Just wait.

I only had one cabinet for box food and things.  So I bought a stand up cabinet for the kitchen for more storage.  I put it beside the fridge.  Here are the beginning pictures.
 The stand up cabinet...
 I decided to find a tub in another area of the house that wasn't being utilized and bring it to the kitchen to hold loose snacks.  This way they are in one place.  I just grab the tub, and let 'em pick.
 Here is the end.  Remember when I said you wind up having more of one thing when cabinets are un-organized??  Yea, I have three boxes of baking powder, two cans of cocoa, and much more multiples.  Oops.
See the red tub on the shelf above??  I really need a silhouette, or possibly a cricut so that I can label it! ;)  Maybe for my birthday coming up this month??  Or I would even wait till Christmas, if I have to....I suppose.

Below is the big cabinet.  I may not look much different, but I promise I feel much better when I open the doors.
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Have A Wonderful Day!!

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