Friday, August 12, 2011


Time for another room of the house. :) Here is our kitchen.  (Yes, I did clean and wash dishes before taking pics.  lol)  It's a lot smaller than my dream kitchen would be. And we don't have a big enough area for a table large enough to fit the whole family, which I really hate more than anything. With that being said, after seeing the pictures if any of you have an idea of how I can somehow fix my table issue, I would love to hear. I have thought about getting a square table and putting a bench on the wall under the picture then a few chairs on the other sides of the table.....but I'm not totally sure that would work with the space I have. I'm definitely open to suggestions.

Also, can you see that dishwasher (above) that sticks out like a sore thumb in my all black and stainless steel kitchen??  Gesh!  That is on the list for this years tax return also. :) 
Below is how I improvised more storage for my small kitchen.  With a family of five and two growing boys, I had to have more room for food!  I LOVE that wooden cabinet!  Its made of old unique wood.  Doesn't really match what I have going on in my kitchen now, but if we ever get to move it will!  I have big plans for the next place.  ;)

This last picture is a little blurry.  But above my stove is a HUGE spice rack that my father in law built for me!  I love it!  He even carved our last name into the top of it.  Perfect!
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  1. Christy, what is on the far wall that we don't see in these pictures? Have you thought about putting in a counter (either against the wall or peninsula style) that you could put bar stools underneath? That way it would work as extra prep space during the day and a table at meal time.

  2. the butter color on your walls is sooo pretty! especially with the dark cabinets! we removed two chairs and replaced them with a bench when we did our remodel. it's nice because it takes up less visual space. the positive to a round table is that it helps the flow of the room... and i do LOVE that tabletop! but i think that you're right that a square would give you more room. let me know what you end up deciding!


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