Thursday, August 18, 2011

Riley's Room Re-do.....Part 1

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So, if you are following me on Facebook, then you know I have finally started Riley's room re-do that I "talked" about months ago!  If your not following me.....why not??  Makes me sad, really!  Come follow. I look lonely over there! lol

Back to the point!  Here is a little teaser!  I will be adding in more and more teasers until the BIG reveal! 

Before....Please tell me your kid's room's look this bad when they are playing in them all day??  lol  Ok, try to look past the mess, and look at the color of the walls.  What was I thinking picking this light baby pink??  It really is more of a pepto color.  HA!
Sneak peek....

And I got this all done today! Woot Woot!!

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Thanks for reading!


  1. ooohhh that is gorgeous!! I love that color!! Can't wait to see it finished!

  2. i love that color too! it's gonna look awesome when it's finished!

  3. Girl, you blow me away at all that you get done! I am LOVE LOVE LOVING the new green color! It's so happy & CUTE!! I had to laugh at your before picture - at the baby doll being smothered by a pillow! What are you teaching your little girl!?? it sick that I think that's funny?

    Ps. I didn't know you were on Facebook!!! Liking you NOW! :)


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