Saturday, August 27, 2011

Laundry diaries....

If you have boys, then you are familiar with finding "odd" things in the washer or dryer while doing laundry.  There have been many times when this has been true for me.  Many times of finding blocks, stickers, plastic toys....maybe even some plastic bugs.

Well, this was one of those days....or so I thought.  After getting all of the laundry out of the washer this is what I found......
At first I thought gesh, another toy lizard.  Then, after taking a close look, with a flashlight.......I realized....dom, dom, dom.....
OMG....can you see it???  I have NEVER seen a "fake" lizard to have a was SO REAL.....WAS is the correct term.....since it was obviously drowned to his death.  Gag!  I seriously made my 5 year old pick it up and throw it into the trash.  LOL

And if that wasn't bad enough.  When his brother came home from school of course he needed to see the dead lizard that Kaleb threw out....and of course my only girl picked it up and squished the guts out of it.  Sorry, didn't take pics of that....I know you all are bummed, right??  :(  EEEeeeKKKkkk.

Please tell me I'm not the only one this happens too?? 

Be careful out there y'all, while doing laundry.  There's some scary stuff in them there washers. 

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  1. bwahahahaha! that's soooooooo funny!

  2. OhhhMyyyySoul!!!!!!! This is hilarious yet creepy at the same time! Ahhhh the stories your family with have to talk about someday!!


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