Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day! {With Video}

Happy Mother's Day to everyone that is a Mother, by birth or otherwise!  I am so blessed to have a great mother, and some great kiddos to raise and mother.  I know all throughout blog world today you will see inspirational posts, and great writings about being a mother.  SO, I thought I would do something differently and show you the hilarious side to mothering.

The husband and I were teaching the boys how to steer a bike, without training wheels.  The husband what taught to do this while riding down a hill, so that's how we thought we would teach the boys.  Well, I will let you be the deciding factor as to whether it was worth it or not.....and while your at it....don't be ashamed to laugh.  We sure did!

Disclaimer: No child, bike, or pole was hurt in the taping of this video.

Have a FANTASTIC Mother's Day, Friends!
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  1. oh no!!! i cringed...but am assuming he's okay.


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