Monday, December 3, 2012

Sequined Christmas Tree Shirt {Tutorial}

I have been wanting to make the kids some Christmas shirts for years now.  I don't think I have every made them any, until now.  Of course, I started with Riley. 

Here is what I used.
2 colors of sequins
E6000 Glue

I made this shirt at night, so please forgive me for the bad lighting in the pictures. 

First, you will want to place some cardboard, or something else, between the shirt layers so that the glue from the front wont glue to the back of the shirt.

I just put glue down wherever I planned on sticking sequined, and I started laying them on. 

 I did the same for a "trunk".

Then I decided to add a "star" to the top as well.  I chose white for the tree, and gold for the trunk and star.

I'm happy that Riley likes it enough to wear it.  Finally.  Even if the only reason she wants to wear it is because it's shinny.  Ha. 

Keep a look out for a few boys shirts.  They may or may not include the Grinch, and Elf feet.  ;)

I like to party at these awesome places.
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  1. Shiny rocks! Very cute shirt for christmas!

  2. Adorable shirt...adorable girl!

  3. this is so cute! and i love that it's on a pink shirt! that leopard skirt is perfect with it too! you're so crafty, momma.

    oh! and thanks for linking up to tip-toe thru tuesday lol


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