Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Gift Idea's (For the teachers)

Hi everyone!  I hope you all are doing well.  We are elbow deep in making Christmas gifts around here!  Lots of fun, smiles, and laughter.  I love it!

I always give Christmas gifts to all of the teachers that my boys see on a weekly basis.  At their school they both have a home room teacher, music teacher, 3 gym teachers, 1 guidance, 1 library, 1 art teacher.

I could never be a teacher, so I think I better make ours feel very loved so that they all don't quit and I have to home school my kids.  For you homeschooling moms, I commend you!!  So here is what we are giving this year.

I let the kids tell me what they wanted to give their home room teachers.  These are the teachers that have them the most, so I figured the boys should have a say in what they get.  We decided to give them baskets of stuff.

Luke {4th grade} Chose:
Glitter Clips
M&M's (teacher gives these out as treats)
Personalized Note Pad {Purchased through Pick Your Plum!)
Gifts for the treasure chest

Kaleb {1st grade} chose
Glitter clips
Personalized Note Pad {Pick Your Plum!}
Stickers {She uses these on each student's daily chart}
Treasure box gifts

We just packed them up in some bins and called it good!  I think they did a great job!
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The music teacher is Mr. Rose.  So we just put some Hershey Kisses in this really cute moose jar.  Be on the look out for a tutorial on this cute little Moose Jar!

All of the other teachers are ladies.  So I made all of them some of my Pearl and jute braceletsClick here to see the tutorial to make some for yourself, if you like!

That's what all of our teachers are receiving this year.  Do you give a little something to your child's teachers?  If so, what are you giving?  Share it in the comments so we can all get some new ideas!

I like to party at these awesome places!

Thanks for reading!

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