Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Floral Prints {WIWW}

Happy Wednesday friends.  Are you ready for another What I wore Wednesday?  I hope so, but I'm not sure that I am. 

I feel like as a mom, I have lost my style.  So I have committed to doing these every week, in hopes that I can get some help from those that do have style.  HA.  I'm sure most moms feel this way.  Especially stay at home moms.  It's not that I don't want to look like a mom, but I want to look like a mom with cute style.  ;)

Here is what I wore to a Christmas party at my Church. 

Shirt - Target
Skinny's - Maurices
Boots - Target

I love the way the shirt is longer in the back.  And I can already tell I'm lovin' the tall boots.  I'll try and switch that up some more.  Don't mind my sexy pose. Oops.

A reader mentioned useing scarves more.  So I threw one on this day, to help "dress up" this normally plain outfit. 

Jeans - Target
Shirt - Target
Shoes - Maurices {Goodwill}
Sarf - Mudd {Gift}

So, thoughts?  Do you do a What I wore Wednesday post?  Leave a link in the comments.  I would love to check it out!

I like to party at these awesome places.
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  1. You look great, Christy! You are a well-put -together-Momma! ( BTW - Love the scarf!) :)


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