Friday, December 28, 2012

Melty Beads {Craft Project Ideas}

One of the kids favorite things to do right now is make things with Melty Beads.
Have you heard of melty beads?  The come in this plastic case, with tons of colors and everything you need to create fun projects

This pack came with a few pictures to use as forms to make your own.  Luke loved the Flag.

Once you get the beads the way you want them, use the paper that comes with your set, place it over your beads, and iron following the directions.
Once they cool, use them for whatever you want.  Kaleb and Riley both put theirs on string to make necklaces.  Luke just likes his laying around.  He has even taken a few to school and traded his for his friends that they have made.

I have also made some hair clips using melty beds.  And I have another project I'm working on now that I will share soon using melty beads.  They are so fun!

I like to party at these awesome places.

*I was sent Melty Beads from Craft Project Ideas.  All projects and opinions are my own.
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