Monday, March 12, 2012

Coral Tables

Hey!  I I have another piece to show you of the living room!  I am SO EXCITED  about this one.  :)  Two days after I asked for help with my living room, I was lucky enough to find some fabulous end tables at our local Salvation Army!  Talk about perfect timing, huh?  I had been looking for some like these for months...posibbly years.  So, when I found them I snatched 'em up.

Here they were when I brought them home.

Aren't they fabulous?  I love the doors, the feet, the handles.  Everything!  Of course I couldn't leave them wood.  So, I painted them!  Here they are now.

The paint color matched my lamp shade perfectly...even though I didn't mean to do that. HA!  I hand stenciled a few squares  on top.  Not sure if I like it yet or not.  I may change that.

But I feel like my living room is finally coming along.  Bright and cheery.  I can't wait to add more things to the wall, and move a few things around.  We will see how long that will take. ;)

So what do you think?  Are the end tables better painted? 

I like to party over here.

Have a fabulous day, friends!
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  1. that color is so pretty! and it brings out the color in your canvas art!

  2. Oh my word, these are gorgeous! You did a lovely job and I love that color, it really pops! Would you mind linking up your great find and transformation at my party? It'll be the talk of the week! Thanks so much for inspiring and here's the link if you're interested. Have a good weekend!

  3. One of my favorite colors! I love the tables too! What a great find!

  4. OMG I love the color!!!!!!!! That is sooo gorgeous!

    I would love to have you link it up at Fantabulous Friday going on now!

    Hope to see you there!!

  5. I love this!! You did a fantastic job :)

    Also wanted to let you know you were featured on my blog today!

  6. High five, girlfriend!!!! These rock!!! Am I'm sure the fun color expresses the fun personality of your family, right?! :) -Julie

  7. Great makeover! I love the fun color you painted your tables!

  8. you are a cutie Christy!! wow, nice tables, nice color. I can't even get started on all the diys in my head and you do it with so many other household duties. I salute you* & thanks to your hubby for helping to guard our country. yeah, I would redo the stenciled tops,,, too busy. maybe some metal coaster wheels or just flat. Many things get lost under those HEAVY tables. I know. Love your pages, Christy.


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