Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Guest Post {Simply FABulous}

Good Morning everyone!  I am interrupting Pinterest {Make Me} Wednesday to have a special guest post from Evanne over at simply FABulous!  Enjoy!
Hello Christys Cuties readers!  Evanne here from the blog simply FABulous.  I am very excited to be here today with you all to share a little bit about myself along with a fun tutorial.
A little about me:

Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, I am a working girl who can't wait to get home and CRAFT!  I love to sew, craft, design, turn junk into treasure...pretty much anything creative and crafty I will take a stab at it!  I started my blog almost a year ago to share tutorials, personal experiences, and a little about my life.   Recently I have opened an Etsy Shop where I sell Agate Stone Jewelry along with Feather Earrings (check it out here). 
Ok...enough about me.  Now onto the fun stuff...TUTORIAL!

I am big into reusing items that you would normally just through away...what a waste if you can use it for something else.  So, I took these three jars (a pickle jar, salad dressing jar, and coffee container) and turned them into a beautiful decorative trio.

from fab!

Jar #1: WRAP

Start off with a glue gun with 4-5 extra sticks of glue, the pickle jar, and a roll of Twine or Jute:

Starting at the bottom, make a strip about 3-4 inches long of glue and then press the jute straight on top.  The glue dries FAST, so make sure to have enough ready before laying the glue.  I pulled the jute straight from the roll which made it super easy:

Make sure to lay your strands RIGHT next to each other eliminating gaps.  You will get clumps of glue here and there that will show through.  If you simply peel them away at the end it will clean up the overall look:

Clumps --> All Clean
After 4-5 sticks of glue and an hour or so of hard work (I suggest catching up on your recorded shows during this time), you will have your finished product:

Jar #2: PAINT

Paint and a jar are all the materials you need for this project:

Simply squeeze some paint to the bottom of the jar and along the sides:

Put the cap on the jar and twist, turn upside down, spin, etc. It will take awhile but eventually your jar will be covered in blue:

Jar #3: SPRAY

Last project...I promise!  Gather your glue gun, white spray paint, and your final jar/container:

 Put your glue gun to work again just for a moment to write the word LOVE on your last jar:

Take it outside and spray it down with 2-3 coats of white spray paint to get your final project....simple right:

Now you have your beautiful trio of jars that you just saved from the trash!  Group them together and set them on a mantle or shelf for all to enjoy:

Thank you Christy for letting me stop by and share with all of your readers!

 I would love it if you stopped by my blog and visited me!

How great is that??  I LOVE that blue bottle.  I must go through my bottles tomorrow and make some of my own.  Thanks so much for sharing, Evanne.

Have a great day everyone!
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  1. i love the way the coffee can turned out with the hot glue lettering! great tip! thanks for sharing with us over here!

  2. Love the jute wrapped vase! What a great idea!


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