Monday, March 26, 2012

You are my Sunshine {Kid's Apron}

Morning!  I hope you all are doing wonderfully today!  Guess what??  I have something other than a blanket for you today!  HA!

Since making my first apron, here, I have been wanting to make more.  This time I decided to make one for my little was too big! 

 Thankfully, we have some friends that have a little girl as well, and it her perfectly!  Here it is on my adorably cute model, Bayle.  She wasn't a fan of the yellow and black...she's more of a girly girl and likes ME!  ;)  So, I'm going to make her another one in a different color.

The good news is that it is now up in the shop!  It will fit a child age 5-7.

Want to know how to make one?  I may have a tutorial coming up in a few days. ;)
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  1. that's so cute! those colors together always say spring to me! maybe because of the buzzing bees!


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