Monday, April 25, 2011

Teacher's Appreciation!

If you have children still in school then you know Teacher's Apprecation is coming up at the beginning of May. I always try to show our teachers that I thank them for what they do. I know that I could NEVER do what they do! ;) So, I decided to make a post with links to things that I have seen with some awesome idea's for some pretty cheap gifts! So, here we go....

First, this is what I will be giving! Coffee Cozy's! Woot Woot!!  I may even make one for myself! ;)  I found a great tutorial over at Liberate Creativity!  It is super simple to understand also.  I only consider myself a beginner at sewing and I was able to figure them out.

If you are not a sewer, but love the idea of something coffee inspired how about doing what Nothing But Country Did!

I think it is totally cute! AND, she even has the tag available for download!!

Or you could do this from Nothing But Country! This is a room "smelly". I LOVE have a room smelling nicely, but I am way to scared to have candles around with Riley! lol What a great solution!

If you are still a little "new" to crafting how about trying out these super cute clip boards for your first project! They are adorable and I may make some for myself!! Head on over to Marta to find out how to do it!

I hope all of these ideas will get you to thinking outside of the box a litte. And possibly give you an exciting new project to get you going on your own "crafty" journey!!

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  1. These gift ideas are great! Sooo cute and Thrifty (the best part!)
    Thanks for coming by and for commenting on my little blog! Hope the hubby liked that recipe!


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