Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Shirts

Hi All!!

I have not been finding anything that I like for the boys for Easter this year!  So, I decided to make them something!!  No, its not all fancy and "church like" as I was taught you are supposed to wear on Easter morning. BUT, they will be wearing a TIE!  haha

Items you will need....
Cutting Mat (a table will work fine!)
Rotary tool (sissors will work fine :))
Heat and Bond (not pictured)

First you need to cut out the shape of the whatever you want to put on the front of the shirt.  Look below....

Next you will iron your heat and bond to the back of your aplique (follow directions on package), then iron the aplique onto your shirt where you want it placed.  Heat and Bond will just help hold the item in its place and will add extra holding power onto your shirt.

Lastly you will want to sew your applique onto your shirt.  Not only does sewing it on give it extra 'staying power', but it also gives it another little detail!  If you don't have a sewing machine you can also use your hand, needle and thread!  I like the messy look with these type of things.  Below is my finished prodcut! 
(K has already changed his mind about which one he wants to wear like 5 times!  I think they are a hit!!)

Now to ramble a little.  I know none of you ever have a day day's were you can get nothing right!  Where you have no motivation to do the things you need to do CRAFT clean house, laundry, you know....the boring stuff??  Well, that is me today!  I had to re-do these stupid amazing shirts THREE times to acctually get them right!  All while ignoring what I have to do today!  I FINALLY got them right! Now, time for the boring stuff! :(

Have a wonderful day!!

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  1. Very cute! I too neglect stuff I "should" be doing to work on sewing projects. All. The. Time. I'm finishing up my own boys' Easter ties today!

  2. Thanks so much! I suppose all "crafters" do. ;)

  3. Hey Christy! I am coming over from your guest post at Homemaker in Heels. I just love this craft!!! I've got some nephews that I'm going to make these for! Super cute!


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