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Hi all,

Getting started with Kroger shoping. I admit, I have NEVER thought I would be shopping at Kroger. I always believed their prices were way too high. However, I have now learned how to work their system.

First - My Kroger DOUBLES coupons up to 50cents-EVERY day. Be sure to call and check the Kroger near you. I know of some that will double up to $1.

Second - Kroger runs great deals almost weekly. They do sales on certain items where if you buy 10 of these items they will take $5 off instantly at the register. There are 50-100 of these eligable items throughout the store. They put them on sale, THEN give you an extra discount at the register for having 10. (you do not have to have 10 of the same thing, they can be a combination of qualified items) Pair that up with a coupon and you pay next to nothing for the items.

They also have the 10 items for $10. Only $1 per item. Pair those items with a 50 cent coupon(which will double to $1) and the item is FREE!

Third - The Kroger Card of course. Just ask for one at the register and you can go online to and Upload COUPONS onto your Kroger card. (crazy right?) After uploading these coupons you go shoping, let them scan your card BEFORE they start ringing your order. As they ring your order if you have a coupon loaded onto your Kroger card for an item that you bought, it will take the electronic coupon off. Pair your electronic coupon, with a paper coupon(that will be doubled) and hello cheap to FREE item.
Of course, there are other sites as well that will let you load electronic coupons onto your Kroger card.  These sites are CellFire, Shortcuts, as well as Procter And Gamble
You can also go to U Promise and load items onto your Kroger card.  Now, U promise "coupons" are not acctually taken off of your total at the grocery store.  These are items that you can buy and U Promise will store those savings in a College Savings Fund that you will be able to use for your childs College when its time. How awesome is that??  All you do is buy stuff that you would always buy anyway and a protion of that price goes into a college savings account!  WOOT WOOT!!  I already have over $10 saved up in that account.  Yes, it will not pay ALL of their college BUT every little bit helps, right??

If your Kroger has a gas station then you will also aquire enough points to get gas at 10cents off per gallon after spending $100, or 3cents off every day with your Kroger card! MORE SAVINGS!! Kroger has now started to give you 10cents off per gallon for every $100 spent. Example:  If I spend $200 in one trip I am able to save 20cents off per gallon on my fill up!  These "points" will also add up. So, dont worry about  hitting $100 or will get there throughout the month.  And it does work!!  I saved 30 cents off of my gas the other day!! : D 
If you have any questions please leave a comment and I will answer as best I can.

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