Saturday, April 16, 2011

Savings Saturday!

Every Saturday I will post the best deal I got with my sales/coupons for that week!  Today I went to Kroger before this weeks sales were over.  They had an awesome sale on General Mills Cereal.  If you bought 4 cereals you would get a $5 gift card at checkout to use on your next purchase!  Of course I jumped on this since ALL of us eat cereal 5 days a week!  ;)  This is what I did.....
I got 2 Total at $2.65 each and 2 Chex at $2.65 each!  I then used 4- .50 cent coupons which doubled so that was $4.00 off.  Then I received a $5 gift card for my next purchase!  That comes to .40 cents EACH!  The regular retail of these cereals are OVER $4 each at my store!  So, I saved over $17!!  WOOOHOOO!!
Leave a comment and tell us your best score for this week! ; )

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