Saturday, April 23, 2011

Savings Saturday

Hi All!!

Today is another Savings Saturday and I want to know what you were able to get with $10.  I did a "small" shoping trip very early in the week and it has been killing hard for me to wait until now to show you what I was able to get!  HAHA.  I made a quick trip to Rite Aid as well as Kroger. 

I got the following at Rite Aid:
4 Nivea Body Washes
1 GOT2B hair gel
4 Dixie paper plate packs
2 chocolate covered cherries (this was to bring my total up about 10cents so that i could you my $3 off $15 order. :))
I did two seperate transactions here so that I could use two $3 off $15.

Next was Kroger:
4 Xtra laundry detergent
4 Purex laundry detergent
(I know you at thinking Im going to become a "horder" BUT, my family of 5 uses 2 bottles of laundry detergent a week so this will only last me around 2 months.  lol)

Now for the grand total of this weeks trip.......Drum Roll Please........$7.55!!  And yes, that is before taxes!  I HATE Tennessee Tax!!  With tax it came to $11.21.  I do believe this was my best shoping week as of yet!  I guess trying to help others learn the ropes has really helped me get back into it as well!! Woot Woot!!

Now for the picture of my score

Also, I can show "proof" with my receipts if you all would like to see them.  But, I didn't want to put them up because I don't know how to use photo shop and it would add three more pics to the post.  lol  BUT, I deffinately will if you would like to see.  :) 

So, what were you able to get for $10?  I would love to "hear". :)

Have a wonderful Saturday!!

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