Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Work it out Wednesday {It's tough}

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Let me tell you, it's tough getting back into a workout routine when you have been lazy for a week or two.  Hard, I tell you.  This week is almost just as sad as last.  Here's what I did:

Wed - Ran
(Part of the path I run at our Marina)

Thursday - Nothing

Friday - Nothing

Saturday - Nothing

Sunday - Nothing

Monday - Crossfit
12 min. Amrap (As many rounds as you can get in 12 minutes)
10X KB Swings
10Xpush ups
10X jumping pull ups
10X sumo dead lift high pulls

I was able to do 5 rounds total of the above workout in the allotted 12 minutes.  Not too bad at all. 

Tuesday - Run for 30 min. 
About 3 miles.

Sad, right?  Sigh....

Here's to hoping this next week is even better.  Wish me luck!
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