Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tip-Toe Thru Tuesday {Link Pary}

Welcome to tip-toe thru tuesday co-hosted by myself, Andie from Crayon Freckles, and Kim from Tiaras and Bowties,

before we get started with the party, we want to take a moment to honor the memory of all of the men and women whose lives were lost in the September 11 attacks eleven years ago.  you may have recently seen commercials for an amazing organization called 9/11 Day. it is a "movement built on people remembering through positive action" that calls for people to do something today in honor of those lost in the 9/11 attacks.  so today, Bear and i will be making some cards to send to our local veteran's home.  


here are the toP 2 pOSts from last week plus one of mY faVEsdon't forget to check out Kim's fave and Andie's fave. if you're featured, grab a featured button!

PoST aNYtHiNG you've created (show me some etsy shops and giveaways!)

Feel free to share several posts

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Stay around and check out a few other links. wE aLL LovE fEEdBaCK!


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  1. thanks for the invite!

    marissa @ rae gun ramblings

  2. Thank you so very much for the invite! What a great linkup party.

  3. Thanks for the invite and your kind comment on my felt ice cream tutorial! It's all linked up. I'll be adding your party to my Party Page so that my followers and I will remember to come back each week.

  4. Thank you for the invite and comment! I'll make sure I link back to your blog in my post as well. This is fun so far!!! :)


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