Friday, September 21, 2012

Football Wreath {Tutorial}

It's Football Season.

I'm not much for football, but, this year I seem to be a little more interested than last year.  I'm happy with that.  So I decided to make a new football wreath to help get me in the mood a little more.

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Here is what I used:
Paper bags
Brown fabric (for lining)
First, I cut two pieces of burlap, and one piece of lining.  I made a lining piece to go behind the front piece of the burlap, so that you weren't able to see the paper bag.
I started painting with the dark brown to make the football.  I just left the spots for the white sides, and T blank.

I added the white stripes, and the T.  It takes a few coats to get the burlap to be covered well.

Then I stapled the front and back together.  I put the "lining" piece behind the front piece of burlap, and crinkled up the brown paper bags and slid them inside.

Next, I stapled the ribbon on the back, at the top.

And I called it done.  I'm happy with how it turned out.  And so is the husband.
Thanks for reading. 
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  1. Funny, I had never seen this technique before til this weekend when perusing Etsy and here you are with an adorable cute football from burlap! Don't worry, in my experience the sports just kinda start working on ya as your kids grow... I couldn't stand football or baseball now I can at least tolerate football and I adore watching my son play baseball!


  2. This is an awesome idea, we're definitely needing something to get excited for football season!

  3. Ok, this is awesome and I love that you used burlap! My son just started his first year of football and he would love something like this!

  4. that turned out sooo cute!!! i've always wanted to work with burlap...

  5. I think that this is a really fun idea! I love it. It would be perfect for any sport...and if you have little ones that play football in their team colors or something...I bet it would make them feel like a million bucks! Such a cool idea! I'm totally pinning it for later! Thank you so much for sharing it at our first linky party! I can't wait to see what you share next week at Artsy Corner!

  6. Such a fun idea!! I love it!!
    Thanks for sharing at Artsy Corner!

  7. WOOOOO! Go Vols! Super cute Christy! I'm sharing this on AGI's FB page. I am sure all my family and friends back home in TN will love it!


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